Latest news!

2016-11-06 Patch 21 Released !
+ Ghosts is wandering around !
+ New icons
+ Bug fixes

2015-09-07 Patch 20 Released !
+ Improved player controll
+ Bug fixes

2014-03-05 Patch 19 Released !
+ Game.exe is now compiled it Blitz Max.
+ Alpha channel enabled on gui
+ Many new small featuers and tweaks.
- Still manny buggs as conversion broke some featuers.. work in progress.

2013-07-15 Patch 18 Released !
+ Locked game speed to 60 fps.
+ Mouse pointer now show item when drag and drop
+ Items moveble betwen slots in inventory
+ Items can now be deleted by drag them from inventory to screen
+ Bugg fix, If eating in battle the attack Stop.
+ FPS can be disabled via INI file or command #FPS ON or OFF

2013-01-28 Patch 17 Released !
+ if no target select make fight not to take place at all. and display error message
+ Fix on server attack to agro attack sooner.
+ Battle spam removed from chatt. attacking no longer oggs in chatt.
+ Kill spam removed from chatt. if a kill is done its not logged in chatt anymore.
+ Hower over a Target now Brighen it up.
+ Bugg fixed: Attacking npc will stop at 0.5 distans. and just fight.
+ Bugg fixed: Dead is now displayed dead too for new players that dint se the kill.
+ Bugg fixed: Server: npc with loaded status -health was walking around now fixed.

2013-01-21 Patch 16 Released !
+ Floating battle text damage built. showing blood loss.
+ Auto attack on Right mouse klick works good. had To tweak a lot.
+ New selection border gfx if autoattacking it.
+ Now friendly target is yellow and if un friendly its red
+ as new fights works. the F key map is herby removed. to attack press 1 or right mouse klick on target to auto mele attack.
+ Implementet code on server and client to select target.

2013-01-14 Patch 15 Released !
+ Made place for level on Selected target up to 99, and had some polish on it too.
+ Adjusted so level is displayed on selected target.
+ Next thing is To display Health And Level. (This request is now completed !)
+ Level show up in NPC Target. had to code both on server and client protocol.
+ Cartoonish minipic shows up on selected target shows race and gender. size 50x48
+ Extended border on select target so image of target suits there.
+ Target health bar works. include text.
+ clean up health bar for player some.

+ Removed debug text
+ Bugg fixed. NPC names was show in upper left corner 0,0 area.

2013-01-07 Patch 14 released !
+Select target inplementet. with a short left mouse click while hovering a NPC. that NPC will be selected as curent target.
+Curent target information hud display now works.
+Selected Target shaddow mark implemented.

2013-01-01 Happy new year.. we celebrate with a new forum runnin on the localserver. (i never liked cloud networking anyways.)

2011-02-06 Client has ben updated..

2010-01-09 Winter is final here. i uploaded a new

2009-07-15 Vacation is over and starting to produce som quest and trading.

2008-11-07 Client got an update ! Now user can create ther own account. Password is keped crypted on server.

2008-11-05 Client alpha 0.1 is released ! Press download at the top of page. To login use guest with password guest. there you can create charter or use anyone you wants. We relesed guest account to speed up test releas. main goal of this release is to get game working at all. some npc walks where theys shold not. its cause game is still verry verry early.

2008-08-22 Hope you all had a nice summer! It is time to start working on this project again. Out goal is to put out a simple downloadable client for a demo (small world). The deadline for this first step is 17 october 2008! Yes it is true, you will be able to play Tiberion RPG from this date!

2008-03-04 After a long time of silence we got some news to bring. Daniel is working hard on the client right now, that takes alot of time. We are now able to create character and login. More info of this will come soon.

2008-01-17 Website update, today - adding the crew page, so that people can contact us.

2008-01-15 Here comes an update on how the game i progressing. We are finished with the first preliminary heightmap and more and more models are done. We are currently busy working on the network engine and the client. Work has began defining the attributes of the characters and the combat system. We are aiming for a first alpha relase in Q2 2008.

2008-01-14 There are now external links to both our forum and a newly made Wiki. This purpose of this wiki is to collect all written information regarding the world of Tiberion.

2008-01-01 Celebrating the new year by designing a new website, hopefully this design will work well together with the overall concept.