The Legend of Tiberion

    In the dawn of time, even before the Gods had their first morning tea, Chance and Faith met in the midst of nothingness. The purpose of the meeting was to play a game. They sat down and cast lots to decide whom the game should be. The winner got to create a world, so magnificent and enchanting that it would be the ideal image of every world that henceforth will ever exist, by man or God. The work of art began at once, settling for nothing but perfection. Slowly the world began to breathe its lustrous air while creatures of all kinds came to life. The world of Tiberion was now whole and lived its life without the need of divine hands. Exhausted from all the hard work the maker went to sleep for many many years.


    During this lengthy slumber, the human inhabitants began to spread across the lands of Tiberion. Mostly they gathered in small villages that in some cases grew into bigger cities. Some people preferred living in small cottages close to the sea, enjoying the easy food it provided. Therefore most of the humans at this time can be found on coastlines surrounding Wildborough forest, the menacing name given to the enormous woodland covering most of the land on this continent. In the elder days people shunned this deep forest, frightened of the mystic creatures that roamed within. Those living close o the forest border witnessed scary creatures walking over the fields at night. They called these Woodwisps, named after a whispering sound that could be heard during their journeys outside the woods. They never did any real harm though, mostly because townspeople sacrificed food to them. But there were creatures far more terrifying than the mostly harmless Woodwisps. Swamp folks creeping around deeper in the woods, with bodies torn and withered like an old stem and there were rumours of goblins in the mountain areas. But worst of all, some had seen Specters dressed in black robes with shining red eyes, frightening animals from far. Legends were told in these days that the Specters were lost souls of beings dead, from far away lands on the other side of the big seas. 


    Time went by and one day a new city saw the suns light on the western coast of Tiberion. People gave it the name Windport, edging the windy fields of Misty Meadows. It grew fast and an harbour was suddenly built, open up for sea business. Three kings ruled the city during the time of this expanding growth, spanning almost 500 years. The kings of Windport followed a special bloodline, enduring their already vigorous life. The kings and their closest men had special interest in the woods and spent many adventures exploring it. They finally knew most of the dark creatures that roared within, that's why they put out watchtowers to guard the borders of Misty Meadows. These were times of happy exploring and romantic adventures among the knights of kings court and peaceful days for townspeople spending their time ploughing their fields and raising their children. Unfortunately, great times like these tend to end all too soon. This was no exception.


   One of the kings in these days were particularly fascinated by the ways of nature and it´s magical beings. His name was Lord Dunsany and he was a tall bright man, slender in both his ways and his looks. Accompanied by his closest men he spent many days observing the wildlife and gathering this information in texts that later was conducted and became the book called The wildernesss of woods. This handwritten manuscript is still well kept, stored in the public library of Gaskil. It was during Dunsanys last years of life that the the threat from Well, in Dunsany´s latest years he had to come home and rule the city since a new threat had began. The townspeople noticed that the creatures of dark seemed to gather more strenght and more intelligent acting. This demanded of the king much more security and a rumour of a great fear harbouring inside the woods made many townspeople scared. It got to a point where people even fled away since the dark power seemed aimed mainly against the city. Lord Dunsany payed a visit to the witchess living just inside the borders of the woods. Well protected the king was and this was luck because they happened to meet a vicious Specter on the way. They fought it down and got to the cabin where they met the witchess named Delmora. She had stayed long enough on the fairy side of the world to be enhanced with supreme powers. She could see his destiny in a cup of brown liquid. It was vague, the details was not clear as always when you rely on the powers of faery. But so it came that she warned him, warned him for this new power creeping and gathering forces beyond any reason. This power was sent from the creator himself, his physical form being Morkai, the ruler of magic. But theese was not the only worries he had on his mind on his quick ride back. She had warned him from danger far more futile than this otherworldly monster. It was a danger coming from within.

     He knew that his three sons was loyal to him. The were called Brenall, Northroy and Dovelaya. Of theese the two elders were more than eager to go out on the battlefield, they always compared their strenght and they loved battle. Dovelaya on the other hand he loved adventuring in the woods but always with just a knife. He was no soldier, he was a ranger. So when final battle approached Dunsanys youngest son was not even home. On the battlefield he set out together with his two other sons, nut always watchful against some move of strangeness coming from within. But his eldest sons were loyal and had not been used by Morkai. It was Dovelaya that was lost, he used the power of love to snatch him.

    In the northern parts of Wildborough it was said that a powerful witchess lived, one of the few who still had the ancient magic in her blood, the ability to recreate world itself. So when almost done with his last excursion he went to examine her castle, witch was located in The Swamps of Maple, running down from Maple ridge, the ridge of high mountains north of the woods. The swamp was lighting green and the castle were as black as black can be. But he found something that was lighter than sun, he found something beautiful. It was a woody girl. A fairygirl so pretty that his romantic souls was lost immediately. He found out that this was indeed the witches daughter. He spent several months sneak peaking on her until one day he got to close. He got hit by an evil arrow, and was mortally wounded. When he awoke he was alone in a black cell.

     Moirynn was the name of the witches daughter, and she too fell in love with him. She went to her every day giving him food. She finally persuaded her mother to release him from custody and keeping him within their own rooms. Their love was true and her mother let them. In fact she encouraged it. Not all was known to the couple. She had met many years earlier with Morkai and was his closest ally along with the dragon of Northreach. He knew the powers that would be given to him if he could get one of kings blood on his side. Love is blind they say, and so it was.

    When the day came for battle Lord Dunsany had gathered his men outside the gates of Portgill. A raging battle occoured leaving many of the soldiers and townspeople hurt. The fight was still under control though, and Dunsany used his skilled wartalents with success. With the help of his sons they managed to hold the lines, they had much help of the city walls. The evil specters and giants came in with a massive attacks but still it seemed that the couldnt penetrate the city. Then suddenly the conditions changed when Miss Tarrawina arrived, the lady of the swamps. In a black wagon pulled by evil dogs of blackest black and surrounded by an entire army of ogres she rushed out on the open field, manageing to scare away some soldiers by appearance only. Swift was the attack on the bravest human soldiers that had ever existed. The woods seemed to roar in a massive hymn, louder for each human being slayed. Only a few townspeople made the escape north and got out. When the dogs and ogres were finally killed the wagon was destroyed and Tarrawina found herself standing outside the gates with only her own personal ogre as a defence. But she had enchanted it powerfully using all the magic she had gotten from Morkai himself. He attacked and killed both the two fighting sons. But Lord Dunsany was a too hard foe to beat. With a big thump the ogres body fell on the ground. More soldiers that had returned and some that had woken up from unconsiosness now stood up to defend the last of the city. within the walls houses had already began to burn, ravaged by dark souls.

    Finally it happened that Dunsany and Tarrawina met in hand to hand battle and the king had the upper hand. Then finally she started to glow from within and growing in size. The last of soldiers that stood beside her and the king now had to cover their eyes. The glooming was too bright for the human eye, unbearable. She lifted herself from the ground and levitated some four metres above the ground. Lord Dunsany followed her every movement but knew that it was lost. She summoned a power in her hand never seen before and focused her power on the city gates. She lifted them from their hingins and threw them right into the wall, shattering it down to its solid ground. She grabbed her axe and got rid of the remaining soldiers. She started to laugh, but it was a laugh that came from within her body. Out of her physical form he got out and her body fell to ground as a leaf in the autumn breeze. Morkai now focused fo a long time, summoning enough power to break all remaining defence in a single powerful blow.

    Then it started to rain...